My Pet Peeves (Monday Musings 042312)

First, what is a pet peeve? Wikipedia defines a pet peeve as a minor annoyance that an individual identifies as particularly annoying, to a greater degree as others may find it. In other words, these are actions that I may find annoying but may be perfectly appropriate for others.

Here’s a list of my pet peeves, some of which are worship-related:

  1. In Scripture reading, saying “Psalms” instead of “Psalm” when referring to a particular Psalm. For example, “Please turn your Bibles to Psalms 23.” It should be, “Please turn your Bible to Psalm 23. There is only one Psalm 23, not several of them. I don’t mind the occasional mistake (hey, I make mistakes, too) but…
  2. During worship services, the speaker or emcee encourages the crowd to “give a clap offering to the Lord.” I mean, what in the world is that all about? For more, please see this post, and this other post.
  3. Emcees or speakers who constantly have to remind the audience, “Gising pa ba kayo?” (“Are you still awake?”) I always want to reply, “Yes, but I really want to lie down and sleep, which is the general direction your message is taking me. Thank you for asking, by the way.”
  4. Women (usually mothers) who walk with their children and the children are on the danger side. (I’m from the Philippines where, in some places, sidewalks are either non-existent or so filled with vendors that they are virtually non-existent.) I can’t help it if people are forced to walk on the street because it’s impossible to walk on the sidewalk, but hey! I’m irritated with moms  who walk closer to the sidewalk while they’re dragging they’re kids on the street side. What’s worse is if they walk in the direction of traffic. That means their backs are towards you. Recipe for disaster.
  5. People whose mobile phones go off during worship services. Add to that, people who answer their phones with very, very loud whispers, during the worship service. Yes, you know who you are. May God have mercy on your soul.
  6. People who cross the street diagonally, and away from you. It’s a bit hard to explain but you can perhaps get a good mental picture of it if you try hard.
  7. Apropos 6, people who cross the street whenever they feel like it, and couldn’t care less that there’s a 4000 lb. car headed their way.
  8. Motorcycle riders. (Or in the case of Philippine traffic, scooter riders.) Yes, all of you.
  9. Apropos 8, I get more irritated when the motorcycle driver a) does not wear a helmet, b) has people riding with him, and they both don’t have helmets, c) has a child or children riding squeezed between him and his fellow rider (maybe they’re mommy and daddy) and none of them have helmets, and d) all of the above. (See picture at right. It was taken in Vietnam, so I guess the Philippines is not the only country with a case of nitwitism. I’m pretty sure they do that here in the Pearl of the Orient as well. I just haven’t seen it. Photo by
  10. In Burger King, when people pronounce Whopper as “Whooper.” Whenever I’m behind them in line, I’m always tempted to say, “After lunch I’ll go to the mall for some “shooping.” I doubt they’ll get it, though.
  11. People who say that watching movies is evil. It isn’t. (Number eleven is very flexible; substitute “watching movies” with smoking, alcohol, and secular music, and you’d still be on-target as far as my pet peeve is concerned.
  12. Kris Aquino. In whatever she does.
  13. Lastly, people (mostly Christians) who think crosses, fishes, stickers that read: “real men pray”, “my boss is a Jewish carpenter”, and any other religious slogan placed on their cars are a good thing. Same goes for Christian T-shirts. Ugh.

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