Manic Monday 050712

I got this from the Inquirer this morning:

Raymart Santiago, pals gang up on Mon Tulfo at Naia 3

The kerfuffle started when Santiago’s wife, Claudine Baretto, was berating the staff at NAIA 3 for some “an off-loaded luggage.” I guess the term means missing or delayed luggage, but I am not sure. It appears Tulfo took out his camera phone and started taking pictures of the incident. Baretto and her husband didn’t like it and that’s when everything went down the drain.

Depending on who’s telling the story, it was either Tulfo or Santiago who threw the first punch. Which means it’s probably both their fault.

Why am I even writing about this? It’s a boring Monday. And the story is good for a laugh.

My favorite part is when, in his defense, Santiago says, “Why would I hit an older man in front of my children? I wasn’t brought up by my parents that way.” But I guess it’s perfectly OK for him to have his children see their mom berate an airline personnel, “to the point of tears.”  I mean, I can probably sympathize with their having their baggage misplaced, but really. Way to go there, dad!

Happy Monday.

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