Got to Work Late Today…

…because of an accident that occurred on the way to school. A truck travelling north on MacArthur Highway veered off the road and crashed into a Baker’s Fair shop at the corner of the highway and Karuhatan Street. I am assuming the accident happened at night or early this morning, since the truck’s still there (it takes them a while to move vehicles involved in accidents) and the driver was either a) drunk, b) on drugs, c) sleepy, d) got spooked by a cat (there’re lots of them crossing the street at night), and e) all of the above.

Anyway, traffic was slow enough that I managed to take a few pictures (the one above was the clearest one–it’s a camera phone for Pete’s sake!) of the accident.  What isn’t seen on the picture is the electrical pole behind the truck that was also hit and was leaning at a dangerous angle over the street. It was low enough that you could actually touch it while walking. Had to drive under it.

When I saw the accident I asked myself, “Again? How many more of these things do we have to endure?” I am a bit amazed that despite how relatively narrow MacArthur highway is (it’s called a highway but it only has four lanes–go figure!) some drivers still think that they can just zoom their vehicles on it at top speed. I mean, look at the picture: You don’t end up with that much damage by travelling at 20kph. The guy must have been zooming really fast and swerved to avoid something (maybe the cat, see above) and boom!

Two other things which I think are kind of funny: Notice the wheel near the pink sack on the right-hand side of the picture? That got broken off the axle. Also, see the guy in the red shirt right smack in the center of the picture? He’s part of  the city council cleaning crew  which was busy sweeping and collecting the sand from the scene of the accident. They’re probably afraid someone’s going to steal it. And besides, a clean city is a good city.

Having said all that, I hope no one was killed. And nobody’s going to be buying bread from that Baker’s Fair store for a while, I guess.



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