I Love Church History (Theology Thursday 051712)

I am really excited about a series being done by Michael Svigel over at the http://www.reclaimingthemind.org/ blog. It’s all about why we need to study church history. In his introductory article, he gives ten (in my opinion) very good reasons for studying this often ignored aspect of Christianity:

  1. It will cure our ignorance of the past.
  2. It will curb the arrogance of our present.
  3. It will conserve the faith for the future.
  4. It will connect us to a rich legacy.
  5. It will counter the claims of critics.
  6. It will capture the interest of outsiders.
  7. It will complete a balanced faith.
  8. It will cultivate Christian growth.
  9. It will clarify our interpretation of Scripture.
  10. It will correct our doctrinal and practical errors.

Dr. Svigel has already unpacked his first and second installments and you can read them here and here, too.



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