Malaysian Tour 050812

I mentioned in an earlier post that I was 2,400+ kilometers from home last week.

Here’s a teaser (and the title above)…

My beloved M and I arrived at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport at a little before one in the morning. Tiring flight. The ticket pictured is actually a receipt for our cab ride from the airport to the Corus Hotel. Interestingly, the hotel is only 44 km or 28 miles south of KL City Center, if you’re a crow and you fly there in a straight line. Sadly, we weren’t crows and had to take the land route, which wasn’t a straight line, and the whole distance increased to 75 km or 49 miles. The whole trip took us about 40 minutes, during which yours truly was clinging to whatever he could hold on to with a Vulcan Death Grip–the cab zoomed the highways at a minimum of 120 km/hour, while (I think) my beloved M just snoozed beside me.

Scary (the ride, not the snooze), when it’s past midnight, and the driver seems sleepier than his passengers.

More in the next entry.



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