Malaysian Tour – Day 0 (050812)

Our travel to Malaysia for my sister’s wedding was quite uneventful, except for the plane ride (quite rough for me, but not so much for my beloved M) and the taxi ride from the airport to the hotel (which I blogged about last article).

The airport was not so full but it was still quite busy. Our flight wasn’t until 9 pm or so, but we got to the airport early to avoid any last minute rushes. The Ramon Tulfo-Claudine Barretto do-or-die match happened on the level below this shot.

The stewardess was kind enough to take a picture of my beloved M and me while in flight (above). Don’t let my half smile fool you. I am not comfortable on airplanes (it’s like visiting the dentist, as far as I’m concerned). The lady to my left (I didn’t get her name) actually slept through the whole flight and the landing at Malaysia. We had to wake her up before we disembarked–she was still sleeping while everyone else was scrambling to get their carry-ons–or she would have slept through the flight back.

Insert: (Adventure with the taxi driver takes place here.)

We arrived at our hotel just in time for a few hours’ sleep. The short rest was interrupted by my beloved M’s discovery of a huge cockroach on her pillow, which yours truly quickly flicked away. Our reactions were quite uncharacteristic for us–she just went back to sleep and I didn’t run after it blitzkrieg-style with my Insect-Killing Arsenal of Doom (patent-pending)–I guess we were too tired to do anything else but go back to sleep.

(We later discussed the cockroach and the possibility that we brought it with us as part of the luggage, since my sister said they didn’t have cockroaches like that–the big brown/black one–in Malaysia. Eow. Oh, well.)


We had our breakfast buffet at the hotel coffee shop, which began our Malaysian Trip Day 1.

More to come…


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