Malaysian Tour – Day 3 (051112) and Day 4 (051212)

This is part three of our Malaysian Tour log.

My beloved M and I spent the the second week of May in the great city of Kuala Lumpur, both as a vacation (of sorts) and to attend my sisters wedding. The wedding was the highlight of Day 3.

(Disclaimer: Due to the private and personal nature of the wedding, I won’t be able to post pictures of the events in this blog. It would be tacky, even if I had permission, which I didn’t ask for and have no intention of asking–private is private.)

Though I won’t be able to post pictures, I can still describe the general setting and events that occurred during the ceremony. By the way, to call it a wedding ceremony would be over-complicating the whole thing. It was a civil wedding, with only my beloved M and I standing in for my side of the family.

If you prefer a civil registration (their term) then you have to proceed to Putrajaya, where the federal buildings and offices are, and register your intent. The ceremony itself is quite simple, lasting only about five minutes. (The waiting time for the ceremony was longer than the ceremony itself.) There were lots of brides and grooms at the place the day we went, and the whole atmosphere, to me at least, was festive in a strange subdued way–you can never really rid yourself (and why would you want to?) of the anticipation of getting married, even if you forego the elaborate ceremonies–as the different sets of brides and grooms prepared themselves for the next big chapter in their lives. Forgive me for waxing poetic.

After the registration, the clerk of court gave the party five minutes for picture taking (the “swearing in” room came completely furnished with furniture and accessories for picture taking, ala a Las Vegas wedding). My newly-married younger sister and my brother-in-law then treated us and our counterparts to a Chinese lunch. The counterparts in this case being the groom’s father and mother, as well as a family friend. My sister invited several of her friends too, to round up the group.

My beloved M and I got back to our hotel around 3:30 pm or so, and decided to go swimming in the hotel pool. It had started to rain then, and we were in the water for less than ten minutes before the staff told us to hold off swimming for the rest of the day due to the danger of thunderstorms. Bummer. (No pictures here again, naturally.)

We ended the day with a visit to Aquaria, KL’s answer to Hong Kong’s Ocean Park. It wasn’t bad as aquariums go, and offered nice tidbits that were lacking in Hong Kong. We got to watch several feeding sessions, including one for sea otters another for piranhas.

After dinner, we headed for the hotel again for some rest and packing, as we were set to leave the next afternoon.

The next morning, my sister and brother-in-law took us to Jalan Petaling, KL’s version of Chinatown, for some “window-shopping.” My beloved M was bemoaning the fact that we were already packed and thus had little desire to buy anything else, lest we undo all the packing again to accommodate new items into our luggage. We had to satisfy ourselves with some refrigerator magnets for souvenirs and some bakkwa.

Our group had lunch at a quaint little restaurant (chicken for me again, naturally) and then headed off to some more tiangge-style stores before they dropped us off at the airport. We said our good-byes to my sister and her husband (who I assume must have gotten dead tired of shuttling people around all over the city, us included) and headed for the departure area. Irony of ironies, our last meal (more of a snack, really) at KL was at a local McDonald’s.

Thus ends our Malaysian Tour. Enjoy the rest of the photos.



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