For Lord’s Day 061012

Tomorrow I’ll be preaching on 1 Timothy 5, and I’ll be concentrating on the first two verses. I will have what is called a two-pronged approach to my message. Hope everything turns out well.

On other things: It has been become a practice in the church I go to to have a Bible study before the morning service. This year we tackle the Heidelberg Catechism. We are now at Questions 62 to 64:

Q. 62. But why cannot our good works be our righteousness before God, or at least a part of it?

A. Because the righteousness which can stand before the judgment of God must be absolutely perfect and wholly in conformity with the divine Law. But even our best works in this life are all imperfect and defiled with sin.

Q. 63. Will our good works merit nothing, even when it is God’s purpose to reward them in this life, and in the future life as well?

A. This reward is not given because of merit, but out of grace.

Q. 64. But does not this teaching make people careless and sinful?

A. No, for it is impossible for those who are ingrafted into Christ by true faith not to bring forth the fruit of gratitude.

Advance Happy Lord’s Day, all!



2 Replies to “For Lord’s Day 061012”

  1. Hello! My name is Adam Johnson, and I work for a ministry in Nauvoo IL.. We are searching for an image of Solomon’s temple for a display that we are developing. We were directed here from another blog ( and we were wondering where you had gotten the image, and if it would be possible to get permission to use the image in our display.. The search thus far has been incredibly frustrating and any insight you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

    p.s. Great blog!

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