Monday Misc. 072312

Yesterday (Lord’s Day) was a real heavy day for me, although others may not see it that way, after they find out what I did yesterday afternoon.

The morning began with a Bible Study at 9:00 am followed an hour later by our Sunday Service, wherein I gave an exhortation based on 1 Timothy 6. I told the church that it would be a three part sermon, yesterday’s portion being the first part. Normally, I’d be dead tired after the sermon on Sunday morning, so I was hoping for a little R&R in the afternoon. Didn’t turn out that way–What do they say about the plans of mice and men?–and my in-laws invited us for some afternoon shopping.

Let me be clear: I don’t mind driving my in-laws to wherever they need to go. I love my in-laws and I would gladly give up a few hours’ sleep for their benefit. (They gave me my beloved wife, and for that I am eternally grateful.) I only realized again while we were doing the groceries that my back does not take kindly to long walks. My back was killing me as we got home, but a few minutes horizontally in bed fixed it. I should remember to bring a book and enjoy some coffee while they do the shopping.

Anything for my in-laws.


On another note, here are a couple of images which made me laugh as my back was recuperating:

And this one…



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