Motorcycles are Evil…

Let me add a few words to the title for today’s Wacky Wednesday post: “…and So are Scooters” (or “…More So the Scooters”).

I am writing this to express my frustration with those two-wheeled monstrosities that clog our streets and make it dangerous for us normal drivers. (By normal I mean those who drive four-wheel vehicles.) Just this week–and it’s only Wednesday–I was nearly hit by no less than seven guys riding either motorcycles or scooters. I was on my lane, minding everything that needs to be minded, when the said vehicles just appeared from nowhere and either a) cut dangerously across my path or b) swerved dangerously close that I had to swerve in turn to avoid them. If you should honk your horn at them, they will glare at you as though you were responsible for everything wrong in the world.

A few “noteworthies,” which my readers should read before they post anything in the comments section:

  1. Note that I didn’t say motorcycle (or scooter) drivers are evil. I said the vehicle was evil. (See point no. 4, below.)
  2. I am not implying in this post that all motorcycle or scooter drivers are alike in their attitudes on the road. It’s easy and tempting to include all two-wheeled vehicle drivers, or TWVDs in my rant but that won’t be fair, for obvious reasons.
  3. Apropos the previous point, I’m sure there are lots and lots of responsible and careful TWVDs out there. It’s just that when I’m driving, I can’t find any of them. The responsible ones must either be avoiding me or we just occupy the roads at different times of the day and so miss each other.
  4. I’ve heard from others that TWVDs are the most loving and the nicest people you could meet, as long as they are not straddled on their vehicles. Once they put their helmets on (if ever they do) and start revving their engines, it’s almost as if we have a case of the Invasion of the Body Snatchers. It’s almost as if their machines give them a false sense of immortality or invulnerability. (See point 1.)
  5. Don’t get me started on TWVs that carry two, three or even four passengers. What were those people thinking?

This post is a rant and should be taken as such.



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