On a Cold Rainy Afternoon One Tuesday

Tuesday is Lazy Day. At least this Tuesday, which is today. Woke up early so I could officially determine from the weather and news forecast whether or not to go to work. The news showed nothing but flooded streets or streets about to be flooded. Two of the flooded streets were ones I travel on to work, so my beloved M and I finally decided to stay home. It’s both good news and bad news for my students though…The good news is they won’t be having their midterms today. The bad news is that they’re just delaying the inevitable–the test is not going to get easier just because I give it a day after the scheduled date.

I have a theory see, and that is a brain can only hold so much information for a particular time–especially if it’s information you memorized for the sake of an exam. I’ll explain this theory sometime in the future. For now I shall look forward to seeing my students squirm. A day or a few days’ reprieve won’t matter in the long run. (Yes, I can be evil.)

A few thoughts that went through my head as we sat together looking at the rain (the sitting and looking part are figurative, of course):

(Note: A few of these thoughts might evoke Neanderthalish reactions from some people. Just think things through with me.)

  • While surreptitiously browsing my wife’s Facebook, I noticed some people posting variations of the picture below.

This picture (and the others like it) leave me scratching my head in a mixture of amazement and confusion. What is it with people’s fascination with dates and numbers? Technically, God promised Noah that he will never again destroy the earth through flood; he didn’t say that he will not flood the earth again. Unless you mean a worldwide flood, in which case flooding = destruction. So what’s the point of putting out pictures and messages like the one above? To get people “into” God? To make them pray? And what’s with the past tense of “bless”? Is God done blessing our country? Go figure!

  • Another thing that leaves me scratching my head is this prayer being sent through text and emails: “Pls. Pass to start a prayer brigade . . Almighty & loving Father, creator of the universe, we fervently ask your Divine & Infinite Mercy to take control of the rain, typhoon & flood. We put our trust in your power. We implore you to embrace our province & country. Calm the weather as you did with your disciples at the middle of the sea. IN JESUS’S MIGHTY NAME WE PRAY. AMEN.” Aside from the grammar wreckage galore (JESUS’S should be Jesus’ without the extra S) what message are we sending actually? That the more people pray the more inclined God will be to listen? And why capitalize “Divine & Infinite Mercy”? If any of my students are reading this, you get a prize if you list down everything that’s grammatically, logically, and reasonably wrong with the above “prayer.”
  • Apropos above, please don’t get me wrong. I believe in the legitimacy of prayer. God is a God who answers prayer. The thing that most people don’t seem to get is that he sometimes answers with a “no.”  And sadly we’ve been seeing varying samples of the “no” in the faces of everyone who’s been terribly affected by the floods.
  • Of course rains like today (should we call them torrential?) are kind of rare here. Which is a good thing. The last one with this much extent and damage occurred three years ago in 2009. Still my sympathy for those hit by the floods. If anyone were a victim of the last one, this latest one is no laughing matter at all. 
  • The news just said that 90% of Metro Manila was flooded (as of 7:30 pm). Thank God for the other 10%!
  • Speaking of the news, watching the news is depressing, although I’m not exactly sure which is more depressing: the news that there’s flood almost everywhere and people are suffering horrendously because of it, or the irritating tone of Noli de Castro and his colleagues as they “deliver” the news? 
  • On the good side (at least in the domicile), the rains and the floods meant my beloved and I couldn’t report for work. (See the intro to this post, above.) Which further meant that I get to eat my wife’s cooking again. We’ve been eating out a lot in the past week or so, due to one reason or another, that I miss my wife’s cooking. Her meals make a rainy day seem like a sunny day (cue Sesame Street® music). 
  • Since the rains don’t seem to be stopping, I guess I’ll be missing work again tomorrow. Oh well.

Ciao for now!



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