After the Rains (A Wacky Wednesday Post)

Well, not really. It’s still mostly cloudy as I write this, with the sun doing an occasional peeking out every few minutes or so.  My beloved M and I decided to stay home again today. Her company gave out an advisory earlier today, while I decided plainly based on what I saw in the news this morning–most of the roads I will be travelling on to work are still under knee-deep floods. I’m glad that a lot of the floods are receding in some areas, but it will be many days (perhaps weeks) before everything goes back to what passes as normal in this country. And that’s assuming that there won’t be another low pressure area or (shudder!) storm to enter our area of responsibility.


Since this is Wacky Wednesday, let me leave my readers with something wacky to think about. Aside from the floods that is. And no, I am not posting this image because I am jealous of people who have electronic readers like iPads. It’s just plain funny.



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