Odds and Ends (Wacky Wednesday 082212)

(…typing while the WiFi signal is going crazy…)

Major issue: I finally upgraded my phone. From a very hardy Nokia E63 to a very stylish and svelte Sony Ericsson Experia Arc S. This after I promised my beloved M that I would never switch from a Nokia. Oh, well. I got my little gadget with a little bargaining help from friends. (Thanks Jeff and Belle!)

I’m still tweaking the features on this thing, which is at the same time easy to use and difficult to use at the same time.  I took a photo of just the box and a 3/4 profile of the phone, since most of the pics I took didn’t turn our right. (Grumble-grumble-maybe-next-time-we’ll-get-a-more-powerful-camera.) And FYI the photo above looks off because I shot it while the phone was charging, which explains the little doohickey thingy on its upper corner.

I’ll update with more photos when I get the phone fully up and running to my taste.

On another note, I designed this shirt for my beloved’s boss (the same guy who gave me my well-loved set of Pink Panther movies, as well as a set of Marx Brothers classics).

Only real men eat balut.





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