Tuesday Thoughts

My beloved M and I stayed home today–she because of a vile stomach flu that’s forcing her to stay in bed and I due to the fact that I wouldn’t allow my beloved to be by herself today. Of course, she wasn’t happy that I offered to stay home, missing a day of work and all that, but she really didn’t have the strength to get out of bed and push me out the door anyway. While I think it’s weird to give thanks to the Almighty in moments like this (1 Thessalonians 5:18 notwithstanding), I still say thank God that it’s not every day we experience things like this.


I woke up feeling queasy this morning, but nothing in the neighborhood of what my wife felt. Must be because I have a cast-iron stomach, as my late grandmother used to say. I can eat anything. So, being the stronger and less ill of us two, I took it upon myself to serve as combination house mother, nanny, nurse, and pseudo-doctor to my wife.

Illnesses are a drag.


My favorite muppet is Ernie, so I was really sad when Jim Henson passed away. However, I do have a soft spot for Sherlock Hemlock and the Count von Count, voiced by Jerry Nelson. That’s why I’m also sad to hear that he’s passed away as well. He will be missed.


On a slightly different note, how much would you spend to buy a fish like this?

He's really worth that much?
Copyright © Honolulu Magazine/YouTube

Granted, the fish looks stunning, and as a former keeper of an aquarium (and several pets) I am astounded by the beauty of this creature. My preference for black sometimes takes a back seat for really fabulous examples of God’s creation. Unless they’re pink, which is another story. Or fuchsia, which is still another story. (Don’t show me a flamingo, folks.)

My love for the fish has taken a back seat to my bewilderment that this fish is fetching £19,250 (or $30,000)! I have to agree that it’s incredible someone is willing to pay that high for a fish.

Different strokes for different folks, I guess.



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