Bloopers, Bloopers Everywhere! (Freaky Friday 083112)

I’m just throwing out this set of pictures for the last day of August.

Hope you get a good laugh. Welcome to the “ber” months!

For the record:

  • I got the first blooper from the parking area across a famous hospital near where my beloved M and I live. The particular blooper reflects the grammar of the one who made the sign, and certainly not that of the hospital (which shall remain unnamed).
  • Blooper 2 is from a famous supermarket.
  • Blooper 3 was from the back of a bus seat. The sequence of the statements do not make sense at all.
  • Blooper 4 is from a street I don’t particularly remember.
  • Blooper 5 is there is no blooper 5.
  • Blooper 6 is from a set of instructions for installing pedal covers for your car. To “screw up” is right on the money.



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