A Visit (or Two) to Human Nature (Part 1)

My beloved M and I have twice been to Human Nature‘s flagship store along Commonwealth Avenue.  At least, twice that I could think of.  (My wife reminds me that the first time we visited Human Nature, we went to the branch inside UP Village.)

Our visits to Human Nature was mainly for my beloved M’s benefit. She absolutely loves Human Nature’s products and because I love my wife, I support her whenever she wants to go there. The smile on her face whenever we enter the place is priceless! She likes Human Nature (HN from hereon) for many reasons, but mainly because of their great products–organic and healthy–and because of their philosophy behind the making of their products. Their work is definitely pro-poor. Go to their website [see link above] and you’ll find about a hundred reasons to like them, too. Although at first glance HN’s products seem mostly for women (or at least geared for women), they also carry facial wash and shampoo for men and bug spray and body wash for kids. I’ve purchased some shaving oil there myself.

The picture below shows the facade of the store. I forgot to take a picture of the building when we were there, so I just borrowed (A-hem!) one from the HN website.  The caption says the picture was taken at dusk. Nice shot.

There were also lots of great things to see inside:

I was impressed with their interior–the words clean, simple, natural, native, and functional come to mind. Their tree motif was very eye-catching.

Turning right upon entering and you’ll see their free flowing coffee station (above), and the play area (below). Their coffee comes in three varieties, with different strengths. I was a coward and tried only the mildest blend. The shelves on the right edge of the picture, which are also visible on the left edge of the picture below, showcase products from various social enterprises. (Forgot to ask if they were for sale or just for display.)

I tried to shoo the kid away so that I could have a “space only” shot but he was too engrossed with the reading material to pay attention to me. I blacked out his eyes so I won’t be sued. Anyway, the subject of the photo was the corner of the kids’ play and reading area. Kids can read and play with toys while Moms shop for their facial and beauty products. I guess the free-flowing coffee is for the dads?

Something funny caught my eye as I was browsing their products. The store sells Cafe de Sug coffee from Sulu. The package comes with brewing instructions, and a warning label.

I couldn’t agree more.

(Stay tuned for Part 2.)


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