A Visit (or Two) to Human Nature, Part 2

I mentioned in Part 1 how much I enjoy my visits to Human Nature. In this post I shall mention another reason why I enjoy going there.

I knew from one of my beloved M’s comments a while back that Human Nature had a coffee shop somewhere on their premises, specifically on the second floor, immediately above their flagship store. I decided that the next time M and I visit the store that I would spend my time in the coffee shop while she shops downstairs.

It was a Saturday when M and I met our friends B and J in the store just slightly a little after lunch. We had a little small talk and then I rushed upstairs to see the coffee shop, called the Enchanted Farm Cafe. It was a little small, compared to the other coffee shops I’ve seen but the interior was nice and cozy. For a minute I thought that I was back downstairs because a couple of walls were covered with more showcase items. (Too bad I only took a few pictures.)

I took a look at their menu and decided to just have some buko (coconut) juice since it was only slightly more than an hour since lunch.  It was only when the others came up that I decided to invest in a full snack, so I ordered their kamote fries. I thought I was only going to get the fries and was pleasantly surprised to see that they included salad too.

Here’s what my snack looked like:

Next time we’re back there I am going to try the hamburger.

All in all, it was a nice Saturday afternoon.



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