It’s About Time (Manic Monday, 121012)

It finally happened.

I know that I’m going to get a lot of flak for even mentioning this, but I am very glad that Manny Pacquiao lost his last fight. Please don’t misunderstand, folks. I am not happy that he got beaten almost to a pulp (a bit of hyperbole there) nor that he is representative of people who have to endanger their lives by fighting for a living. But I am glad that the hype is finally over.

Several things:

  • The country is happy whenever Pacquiao wins. (By country, I mean everybody but me and my beloved. We just don’t care that much.) That is understandable since there is very little the country can be happy about and it’s been that way for at least two decades now. This is the reason why the Philippines celebrates Christmas early–we start hearing Christmas carols in September–since the thought of gifts and family seem to offset any worries about rising costs of living, insurrection issues, bad government, etc. But I digress. I would be very happy though, if the country finally looks past such passive activity (happiness by proxy) and do something to make sure their happiness is not dependent on one person’s victory.
  • Apropos (this is turning into one of my student’s favorite words) above, some have made the observation that the crime rate drops whenever there is a Manny Pacquiao fight. I am not sure how accurate this statement really is. It might be something to smile at but it’s also possible that the reason we think there is less crime is because perhaps the police are too busy watching the Pacquiao fight to actually report any crime. I can attest that there is less traffic though.
  • After his defeat, Pacquiao’s mom rants that it’s the fault of this guy or that guy for her son’s miserable performance. She even blames religion, claiming that he lost because he switched from being Roman Catholic to uhm…something not Roman Catholic. She even cries to Pacquiao’s manager that her son isn’t some animal and that he should stop fighting. After basking in her son’s glory and actually benefiting from her son’s victory, her statements seem…strange to say the least.
  • As someone said, perhaps the main problem for Pacquiao is that he is not a boxer. Not just a boxer. Not anymore. Now he’s a boxer, singer, congressman, product endorser, and actor. He’s too busy being everything that he no longer has time to be just a boxer. He’s turned into a Jack-of-all-trades and master of none. Maybe that’s the problem. Maybe that’s why he lost.
  • Also, will people stop blaming God for every sports defeat?
  • Don’t be offended.

Now that Pacquiao has been defeated, the nation can perhaps now cease from its idolatry and turn to better things. Perhaps the country can move on and leave behind such foolishness (happiness by proxy).


On another note, below are two images that I hope would make you smile. And think. (Note: Neither of the images are mine.)

books and facebook

the end



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