Almost Had a Heart Attack

(My beloved M insists that the title should be, A Successful “Operation Heart Attack.”)

Yesterday, December 13, was our 4th wedding anniversary. Like the great and dutiful wife that she is, my beloved M remembered and staged a surprise for me. Like the dolt of the husband that I am, I almost forgot.

My beloved surprised me by spending the day at my place of work. The biggest part of the surprise was her talking to me on the phone and convincing me that she was nearly at work when all the while she was less than five feet away (I was at my desk and she was in the hallway outside the faculty room). She said the look on my face was priceless. I had to admit that when I saw her come in it didn’t register with my noggin that it was her. I almost waved.

P 26.00 from QC to VC
P 26.00 from QC to VC

The day was amazing, to say the least. Our anniversary coincided with the school’s Christmas program. She enjoyed the presentation immensely. (Kudos to all involved!)

We ended the day with a very delicious dessert of Blue Bunny Premium® Chunky Cookie Dough Ice Cream topped with “special sylvannas” and Chewy Junior® Cream Puffs. (See below.)




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