Unbelievable… (For Freaky Friday 1228012)


I just finished watching The Smurfs and for some unfathomable reason, I…kinda…liked the movie. I am probably the only one who does, since IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes, and other movie-database websites rate the movie rather low–the kindest word I saw describing the movie was “boring”–and asking around for people’s opinions merited almost the same kind of response.

I’m guessing that my not watching the original cartoon show has contributed to my favorable attitude towards the CGI movie. Go figure.


For the record, generally I don’t find movie adaptations of cartoons fun to watch. Something gets lost in the translation, usually that something that made the cartoon endearing in the first place.

Cases in point:

  • Transformers (all three incarnations). Transformers, the cartoon, was a show about “machines that could think and feel” coming to earth, and continuing their war on our planet. The show was about Transformers, not about spineless human characters who scream a lot (read: movie Sam Whitwiky) or show their cleavage a lot (read: that Michaela character). Michael Bay’s interpretation pushed the main characters in the background and the secondary (and pointless) characters in the foreground. Good CGI notwithstanding, the movie was all explosion and little about the title characters.
  • Scooby-Doo (both movies). What can I say? While I like the Shaggy and Velma characters (the actors got it down pat) the rest of the movie was just one uhm…silly ride. Scrappy as a villain? Sheeesh.
  • GI Joe. As one of my students would say, “Rrrawwrr.” Which is not really a compliment.
  • Garfield. While I love Bill Murray…See above.
  • Alvin and the Chipmunks. See above.
  • Ritchie Rich. There are some good parts, like how the Riches greatest treasures are not money related but items that showcase them as a family (e.g., Ritchie’s childhood toys), something which the movie villain couldn’t quite get. But still…
  • Space Jam. This is about the interaction between Bugs Bunny (he’s the one who can act) and Michael Jordan (he’s the one who can’t) and a cosmic basketball game. See above. (Apologies to Bugs.)

You get my meaning.



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