Two Last Victims of the Year That Was

The following article is indicative of how slow the past few days have been…

The picture below shows two rats which yours truly trapped today, the last day of the year. My beloved M heard squeaks early this morning so, being the intrepid hubby that I am, I set off to trap the little critters. Surprise surprise…we didn’t expect there to be two of them.


Tools used: 1 Japanese brand fly paper, stabilized by sticky tape at the corners; 1 dallop of Lily’s brand peanut butter (the oilier the better, folks); and a good deal of patience.

You may also use barbecued pork in lieu of peanut butter, but the latter is more common around the house. Besides, some people might think spending money to buy BBQ for rat catching to be a bit extreme.

The more astute will notice in the picture above that the peanut butter has been totally consumed.

Guess the rats not only struggled to break free but enjoyed the peanut butter as well. Talk about your last meal.

Happy new year, all!



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