Due in part to some reason or other, I won’t be able to watch Les Miserables. On the big screen at least. I will have to wait for a bootleg copy (“Oooh! Bootleg! Christians shouldn’t do that.”) or for it to come out on DVD. For the record, it’s the latter not the former (so get off my back, you legalistic hounds!).

Sometimes it’s fun to sit back and think about what you can’t have. (And I’m being sarcastic here.)

In the meantime, listen to Anne Hathaway. (It’s from YouTube but mainly an audio file.)

Listen. And cry.

Reminds me of Susan Boyle’s time on Britain’s Got Talent. See

Boyle’s rendition is very Elaine Paige. Beautiful and worthy of the win for Boyle. (I think she got a record deal subsequent to her win, if memory serves.)

Hathaway’s version is Oscar Material.

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