This is Just Sad

Stephanie Nicole Ella, the little girl who was hit in the head by a stray bullet within the first few minutes of 2013 has died.

The Inquirer posted a picture of her, together with her friends, as she was waiting for the arrival of the New Year. What makes the picture, which accompanied the news article (available here),  more tragic was the date stamp on the lower right portion of the photo.  I enlarged that section of the photo and you can see the date stamp below.

stephanie-nicole-ella date

I don’t like to be accused of waxing poetic, but those numbers will forever hold a different meaning for the family. They are just digits for me, but for them it’s the end of the world as they know it. Who would have thought that a few moments (maybe half an hour?) after the photo was taken, Nicolle would be hit by a bullet fired from an irresponsible gun owner? That she would be going into a coma from which she would never wake? I do hope they capture the felon.

I am not a father and I can only imagine the grief that her parents and other loved ones must be feeling right now. It is times like these when saying “I’ll be praying for you” seems so pathetically void of meaning.

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