“Something Weird is Going On” Dept. (Or, Freaky Friday 020813)

I am currently researching for articles by Robert Gagnon, Associate Professor of New Testament at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, and ordained elder at a Presbyterian Church (USA) in Pittsburgh. For those who are not familiar with Robert Gagnon, his main interests are  Pauline theology and sexual issues in the Bible. After Googling Dr Gagnon’s name I noticed the following on the first page of hits.

robert gagnon 1

Notice what it says after the second entry: “Robert A J Gagnon is a noted homophobic bigot…” Notice too that the statement can be found under en.wikipedia. Some images follow the entry–most of them are of Dr Gagnon, and one of them is an image of a man I know I’ve seen before, but can’t remember where.

When you click on the Wikipedia entry, the libelous words are removed and instead you get this:

robert gagnon 2

See? Instead of a bigoted homophobe we have “…Gagnon is an Associate Professor of New Testament…”

I think somebody has too much time on their hands and is playing around with Wikipedia. I’m hoping that the one who made the bad comments in the first image was from outside Wikipedia, perhaps a hacker or someone who has a grudge against Gagnon. It would be terrible if the act of replacing an entry with accusatory words was done from within Wikipedia. Tsk.

I’m emailing Dr Gagnon to let him know about this. (Assuming he hasn’t seen the entry already.)



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