An Example of a Tragic Death and Stupid People’s Responses

By way of warning, please do not comment on my blog and castigate me for using the word “stupid.”

Two reasons: First, I certainly have every right to use the word in my blog. Second, some people can be stupid and it is neither immoral nor unethical for calling them so.

The tragic death I am referring to is the recent suicide of Kristel Tejada, who killed herself because she couldn’t pay her tuition. You can read or watch the full story here, and here. This blog post is not so much about the late Ms Tejad, though for the record, I am saddened that a person would get to the point that there was no other way out of a problem except suicide.  What irritates me is the comments section that came after the news report in the Philippine Star.  Which, by way of an aside, is the reason I prefer to reading the spreadsheets rather than the online copies. Actual newspapers do not open up their articles for comments, except through the letters to the editor section, which doesn’t really count in the long run.

[Now someone might say that if I don’t like other people’s comments, then I shouldn’t read them. Tough. I read. I read even if it’s not my primary activity. I read in my sleep. You might as well tell me not to breathe.]

Here are a couple of comments from the stupid crowd, with my own responses in [ ]:

  • “UP staff and professors … puros kayo mga BOBO… I challenge you all for the sake of this poor girl…” [My response: Challenge to what? A duel? Twenty paces, turn and fire? Spitting each other to death? And why call the UP professors and staff “dumb”? What do they have to do with the tragic suicide?]
  • “Mr. President, do something about this tragic death about supposedly an asset of the country regarding education. Don’t waste the hopes of the future!” [My response: What does the president of the country have to do with all this?]
  • “‘When these were all turned down, Tejada’s mother, according to some reports, even knelt before UP Manila Chancellor Manuel Agudo and begged that her daughter be allowed to continue attending her classes.’ – if this were true, chancellor agudo [sic] should be hanged in public! what a downright heartless man he is! we only kneel before God or when we beg for our lives!” [My response: Again, why should the chancellor be hanged in public? He didn’t ask the mom to kneel before him, as this guy (or girl?) insinuates. Yes, Agudo turned down her request, even after she knelt before him, and if it were me I would have done the same. Giving in would set a dangerous precedent: think how many mothers would do that just to send their daughters to school? Agudo may be a lot of things, but he is not a charity institution.]

Of course not all comments were garbage variety; some were almost of the brilliant sort, the sort that  encourages you to believe in humanity again. Like this one:

It (Government subsidy) works. In Canada if is a partnership of Chartered Banks and the Ministries of Education of every Provinces with the Federal Govt. contributing its share. The Govts will Pay the Interests of all STUDENTS assistance Loans Including Tuition. Board and Lodging, transportation Until such time that the student Graduated and given the window of up to Ten Years to pay up the loans. This programs will Free up the Parents fr worrying for their children education and one of the reasons Why the country has the Highest rate of university Graduates. All universities that Confer Degrees are Government Subsidized  Private Schools are for Career training only. Students assistance loans are also available for Skill and Career training including NON LOAN Grants. Employees upgrading also reimbursable by Employers (subject to passing the programs )…the idea of all these, they will be Future TAXPAYERS

The death of the young girl is tragic enough. Why do stupid people have to turn it into a farce with their nutty and brainless comments?


PS Forgive my rant.

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