Kidney Stones (Redux)

Yep, it happened again. I had another attack of the dreaded kidney stones while at work last Monday. I was just about to settle for lunch when a very familiar, albeit unwelcome, pain began on my lower back. Since I was diagnosed with this before, I was already familiar with what was happening and immediately rushed to the nearest hospital, with thanks to the school nurse and some faculty and students.

Unlike the first time, when the doctors and nurses in the ER (from a different hospital) took their time in determining what was wrong with me (wise move, I am now convinced), this time I managed to convince the ER staff at Fatima University Medical Center that it was kidney stones without having to go through tedious diagnostics. Sadly, the pain killers took a longer time to work this time around.

Having a 5 mm stone blocking the entrance to your bladder is excruciating and I certainly do not wish that on anyone. Further, having a stone that size and in the position it was in within my delicate systems meant that I had to undergo what they call the Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy (ESWL), which was “the latest non-invasive, non-surgical treatment of kidney stones using a high-intensity, focused acoustic pulse.” Your stones are broken-up, fragmented and pulverized by focused shock waves enabling the patient to excrete the fragments spontaneously. (Don’t you just love medical jargon?)

I am now recuperating at home, and hope to be back to work on Monday.

One cute thing I took home as a souvenir was this plastic wrist band which kept your “dextrose hand” from moving around or bending too much. (Don’t tell my beloved, but whenever she stepped out of the room, I pretended I was Spider-man™ ® and all that.) They should’ve come with actual web cartridges. Or maybe it was a side effect of the medicine?

Bedridden at Fatima (3) copy

I’m sure other hospitals would have this as well. It’s just the first time I’ve seen it.


And for a brief comedy stint, my beloved M (who lovingly and devotedly stayed by my side during my hospital ordeal) and I saw this funny sign in a restaurant last week. I can’t mention the restaurant’s name but the food they served was good and the ambiance was great.

Funny Sign




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