Reading Exercise

I read a ghost story a few days back. It was a ghost story submitted to a “true ghost stories” site. I enjoy a good scary story or two every now and then, but frankly, this story left me more in tears rather than fear. I’m not sure if I can copy the whole thing here, so I won’t. I’ll just give you the parts which cracked me up the most. The quote below appears as is on the website. I did not edit the contents in any way.

Then a few minutes I heard a knock on the door when I opened up it was my cousin and his girlfriend said DANE we must leave this place and not to stay here this night. Then we immediately pack our things and go out in the lodge. In our way to home JR said “Gaw alam mu kanina pag labas ko sa CR si Mercy sumigaw na parang takot na takot” (cousin you know what? Earlier outside the CR Mercy cried like a panic-stricken). I said “Anong problema mu? Bakit ka sumisigaw na parang takot na takot sa akin?” (What problems? Why you are screaming and crying like a frightened me?) Mercy said “Akala ko hindi ikaw ang nakita ko pag labas mu sa CR, nakita ko isang matangkad na ma itim na lalaki na nababalot ang kanyang katawan at mukha nang makapal na buhok at nanglilisik ang kanyang pulang pulang mata na nakatayo na naka tingin sa akin diritso” (I thought it was not you when you get out in the CR I saw a tall and dark man with a thick hair face and his eyes angry in red standing staring at me). Then I said “Wag munang isipin yan. Guni guni mu lang yan” (Do not think first about that. It was your Illusionary imagination). Then I lay down on the bed beside Mercy and when she put her hand on my chest “Nakita ko malaking kamay na napapalibotan nang napaka kapal na buhok at na takot na ako” (I saw big hand that has very thick hair and I fear). That’s why we go to your room to tell that we must leave this place now and must go home already.

You can read the full story here. (And somebody get the guy an editor.)



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