A Drastic Change Awaits!

Actually, it’s already ongoing.

My latest blood tests have shown that I am not as healthy as I normally should, or as I thought I was (which is really the same thing when you think about it).  One of the biggest changes in my life (aside from my upcoming natal day) is diet. Happily, I am not one to grouse (much) and I’m taking it on the chin. My beloved and I recently purchased a new lunchbox set for yours truly.

DSC_0033 copy

I’ve wanted one of these Tiger lunchboxes for quite some time but never really gotten around to buying one. We got this courtesy of our church mate, “J” (Many thanks!). I didn’t realize at the beginning that the individual containers inside could be used in a microwave. Talk about hitting too birds with one stone. (And for those who will be asking: No, it’s not black. It’s actually some kind of bronze-gray combination. The black model wasn’t available. Also the black model didn’t come with a leatherette carrying case. I actually like the gray. Perhaps it’s a portent of changes in my wardrobe color, too.)


So what do I put in my lunchbox? Aside from healthy viands like steamed fish, steamed chicken, steamed whatever, yours truly will be consuming brown rice from hereon. My beloved doesn’t seem to like the stuff much, but I enjoy it. I guess I’m the only one. Oh well. Here’s a snapshot of some of our recently experimented (as in how much cups water per cup of rice?) serving. It’s in probably the smallest    rice cooker in the world. See the wristwatch for comparison.

DSC_0035 copy

I’ll be having another blood test in a month or so, and I do hope for better results.

On a lighter note, my beloved M and I went to a Spoofs store last weekend and bought some shirts for ourselves. (I’ll take a picture when we’re ready to wear them.) In the meantime, I saw a shirt which I’m sure would suit the students I teach.

Spoof Tshirt copy



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