Ten Reasons Why We Don’t Have Testimonies in Worship

This list is from Nollie Malabuyo over at http://twoagespilgrims.com/pasigucrc/

  1. Public worship in the Bible never included testimonies.
  2. Public worship in early church and Reformation history never included testimonies.
  3. Testimonies denigrate Christ and the gospel.
  4. Testimonies denigrate the sermon.
  5. Testimonies denigrate the Bible and its doctrines.
  6. Testimonies denigrate the pastor.
  7. Testimonies denigrate the testifiers.
  8. Testimonies denigrate those who don’t testify.
  9. Testimonies always include a personal “decision for Christ.”
  10. Testimonies are out of touch with reality.

You can read the whole thing here.




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