Friday Friday on the Last Day of May

(Typing this while having a breakfast of instant coffee and a peanut butter & jelly sandwich, lovingly prepared by my beloved M.)

First, to start the day with a laugh. I couldn’t resist taking a snapshot of this grammar faux pas while having Wednesday’s tank filled up the other day. The last line on the banner says, “the [sic] more the entry…”

DSC_0102 copy

On another note, my beloved M and I had a late dinner last Tuesday at Causeway Seafood along Banawe. We made just in time for the daily (nightly?) dim sum discount. It was also the night I forgot my diet. The evidence is shown below. (Look at all that oil!)

DSC_0101 copy

(I just remembered what the food was in the bottom container. Steamed sharks fin dumplings.)

As an aside, there are so many people lining up for the dim sum that Causeway is planning to open another store right across the street. It’s called Causeway 2. My first thought was, “Ah the mentality of the Chinese businessman–excellent in finding ways to make money but not so excellent in coming up with names for their businesses.” Then again, if the name is already well known…



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