Lord’s Day 060213 (Update)

Today is Communion Sunday at our church gathering. It’s my responsibility (one that I put on myself, happily) to bake the communion bread. I’ve been doing so for the past several months (though it’s only last month when we decided to actually start using the homemade bread during the service) and while I’m happy with what we’ve been using so far, I wanted to experiment a little.

So, here for your viewing pleasure (I think) is GCEC Communion Bread Version 28.9. This latest incarnation has a little cross on top, though in the future I might make one with smaller crosses all over the surface.

Communion Bread V28-9

The edges are not as straight as I hoped they would be. My mistake, I cut the dough into the desired shape and size before I placed it onto the baking tray. It got stretched in transit. Maybe I should invest in some cookie cutters for the edges? (No, you may not! ~ M.) The Pilot pen is used for scale, by the way.


(Update: Sadly, the communion bread pictured above crumbled not too soon after I took this picture. The cross piece actually came apart. Had to make another one lickety-split.)


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