I enjoy reading Beerkada. Period.

Please don’t ask me why. It is so hard to explain serendipitous humor.

The following is just a sample of what makes yours truly laugh. (All images are copyright Lyndon Gregorio.)

Beerkada Sayings 1

Beerkada Sayings 2

Beerkada Toilet Paper

My Xaris students might remember this fourth one.

Beerkada Wee-Wee

The astute reader will notice how the artist’s style has evolved, as there is about a ten year difference between the first three strips (top) and the one immediately above. There are also changes to the characters: Alan has been declared legally blind (an interesting story in itself) and is now wearing glasses. Jimmy gets a girlfriend but is as clueless as ever. His girlfriend, Fe, is clueless like him. As you can see.

Lastly (I just had to put this in), here’s yours truly “Beerkada-ized” by Lyndon Gregorio when we met in one of the Komikons. (He put in way too much hair, I reckon.)

Beerkada DEOhsan



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