Who’da Thunk?

It’s July already! Didn’t we just celebrate the new year like, yesterday? Where has all that time gone?


On a much brighter note, nothing buoys one up like getting back good results from a blood test. I know my beloved M is very happy. And when she’s happy, I’m happy.


My second monitor (a seven-year old Samsung SyncMaster 740N) has died several times already these past two weeks. I’ve “revived” it several times but it’s really on its last leg. Time to shop for a new one?

Speaking of equipment conking out, my wireless mouse, a Logitech M505, is nearly on its way out, too.  Unlike the monitor, I have a cheap (I mean really cheap) alternative from CDR-KIng. I may have to use it, but…it’s not a Logitech.




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