A New Hobby (I Think)

For the past few months, my beloved M and I spend our Saturday mornings jogging at the UP Academic Oval. It’s part of our fitness regimen, which includes a substantial change in diet as one of the long-term activities. Actually, my wife goes jogging while I ride my mountain bike.

DEOhsan at UP Oval 1

My beloved M took this photo of me while we were “busy” resting from our going around in circles. Or is it ovals? (Get it?) Either one, I guess. Prior to our agreeing to the jogging/biking tandem activity some months ago, I hadn’t ridden a bike in almost eight years. Glad my body still knew what to do, even though it couldn’t quite do everything it used to do.

As someone I know would always say, 感謝主!


Oh, the title of this post has to do with the new (for me, since it’s actually second-hand from someone) Canon EOS 500D I purchased. One look and I thought to myself: Gosh, I love this camera!



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