The Day Before the Lord’s Day 072813

I will be preaching on 1 Peter 1:13 to 23 as well as a portion of the Larger Catechism tomorrow, and am in the midst of polishing up my sermon. I’m taking a short break from the preparations, the honest reason being that I’m in a funk. My brain does not seem to be working at the moment.

For those interested, here’re a couple of links to get your brain cells working.

The second one is downright creepy. So is the seventh one. But their creepiness is tangential to each other.


On the subject of NOT creepy but somewhat fascinating (at least I think so), take a gander at this new selfie:

Uliimate Selfie 002



Addendum: WordPress tells me that this is my 666th post. Talk about creepy.


Ciao (again)!

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