A Better Mouse Trap (or Rattrap)

Sometime ago, I posted about having caught rats using flypaper, which are readily available in your local supermarkets or hardware stores. In that last post was a picture of two baby(?) rats caught in the trap, baited with my beloved M’s delicious Lily’s Peanut Butter. (Believe me when I say that I’ve tried all kinds of food as bait and it’s only Lily’s Peanut butter that works–pork BBQ is a close second–much to my beloved’s dismay. It’s her favorite brand and she’s not happy sharing it with rodents.)

Sadly, rats are among the most intelligent pests on the planet (next to pesky neighbors) and they finally got around to not getting caught by my wily traps. Adding insult to injury, they also left little bits of “evidenced” beside the flypaper traps, their nasty way of thumbing their noses at li’l ole me.

I thought that the rats would win but all hope is not lost. My sister-in-law, K, recently gave me a JT Eaton Multiple Catch Mouse Trap. It’s nice and black and I can’t wait to use it. Here it is in all its glory!

JT Eaton Moustrap Beauty Shot WP

JT Eaton Moustrap Open WP

JT Eaton Mousetrap Door WP

I mentioned that the plastic cover is a drawback; it’s a personal issue with me and may not matter to other people who use this trap. The last time I used something similar to trap rats, I disposed of the pests by pouring newly boiled water on them til they died. I used an all metal cage then and the boiling water didn’t damage the bars. I don’t think the plastic would stand the heat this time though. The only recourse left would be to drown the animals, while they’re still inside the cage.

(As an aside, I know that there are animal lovers out there who would accuse me of being inhumane to the rats because I plan to drown them. My response: If you love these bleeding animals so much, you can keep them. Oh, those two baby rats I mentioned at the beginning of this post? After I took a photo of them, I folded the flypaper with both of the rats still inside, put the paper on the floor…and SMASHED them both with my fist.)

If you want to see other means of trapping vermin, check out this link: http://www.youtube.com/user/MousetrapGenius?feature=watch.




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