(Still) Another Example of Silliness That Passes for Theology

Please don’t get me wrong. I know the importance of prayer, and I know the significance of prayer especially in light of what Metro Manila and the surrounding areas have been experiencing lately.

The last statement is not however a blanket acceptance of whatever passes for prayer today.  I read samples of “prayer” like the one below and immediately questions start pouring in…Are these the words of a truly repentant person, or of one whose schedule is disrupted by the storm? Isn’t God already in control? Apropos that last one, didn’t He bring the storm in the first place? Or is this one of those things that apparently has taken God by surprise? Also, wasn’t it Jesus, and not the Father, who calmed the sea in the presence of the disciples? Don’t even get me started about the word “Jesus’s”.

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One Reply to “(Still) Another Example of Silliness That Passes for Theology”

  1. about the “Jesus’s”, well you can’t blame them, sir. I guess the one who made this is from our generation. In our generation, having “Jesus’s” is accepted and was taught somehow right yet I still use ” Jesus’ ” ‘coz for me it’s enough and quite right.

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