Random Activities

My beloved M and I went to Glorietta 4 last Saturday to catch a glimpse of Rick Harrison and his son, Richard (also known as”Big Hoss”), from the hit TV show Pawn Stars. The event was part of History Channel’s meet-and-greet with fans.

Sad to say, we weren’t able to really meet and greet. The pictures below show how far we had to stand from the stage. We got there around 1130 for the noontime appearance; we heard from the grapevine that others had been there since seven am. Talk about fanatics. The two other mainstays of the show, “Old Man” Harrison and Chumlee, weren’t at the meet-and-greet. It would have been nice to see all four of them. The only not-nice thing about the whole morning was the organizer’s choice of emcee. The guy was annoying and wasn’t particularly good.

Pawn Stars 001
The crowd waiting in anticipation.
Pawn Stars 002
The big screen shows “Big Hoss” (L) and his dad, Rick Harrison (R), two of the mainstays from History Channel’s Pawn Stars.


If you’re feeling down in the dumps, consider the following video. I guarantee it will make you laugh. Are the people–and I think one of them is Takeshi of Takeshi’s Castle fame–behind the video mean? Yup. Go laugh anyway.

(Warning! The suggested videos on the YouTube page are a bit risque.)


On another note, my wife and I will be sleeping a lot sounder tonight, thanks to our new bodyguard. Leonardo, the leader of the Ninja Turtles, will be guarding our sleep. Here’s hoping his brothers will be able to join him. Soon.

 Leonardo 001

(Nice Batman-esque effect, if I do say so myself.)




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