This is More Than a Manic Monday

This is a morning rant.

I caught a whiff of this event yesterday while (secretly) borrowing my wife’s Facebook. I’m talking about the planned suspension of classes while the Iglesia ni Cristo holds a Metro Manila-wide medical mission.

Inquirer has the story here. Not surprising, people are polarized in their reactions. The INC members, again not surprising, are saying it is for goodwill and glory to God. One person (whom I would assume is an INC member, though I could be wrong…but I”m probably not) said that the reason they chose Monday was because Saturdays and Sundays were for worship.  Sure.

While there was the usual nitwit comments here and there–an “atheist” in the comments section of the article I linked to even suggested that government ban all religions; good luck with that–basically a lot of the people rightly felt this exercise was entirely inappropriate for a weekday, especially a Monday. Parents were equally dismayed that their children will lose another day of school. I’m not a parent (yet) but I feel for them. We’ve had too many days without classes already. Not to mention those who will lose a day’s work because of the traffic that’s expected.

Also, unlike some, I personally don’t have proof one way or the other that this event is a political show of force by the INC. I can sympathize, though, with those who believe that it is, since it has all the earmarks of it.

Please note that I have nothing against religion, heck I practice one myself. I also have nothing against a religious organization conducting a medical mission. (I think they’re mostly silly and unnecessary in these times, but that’s just me.) What I have is bewilderment that the government would allow such an activity to disrupt classes in Metro Manila. I am even more bewildered by the point of the exercise. As in what’s the point?

“Around 5,000 buses from the provinces are expected to enter the capital starting early Monday, carrying people to the medical mission to be held in Manila by the Felix Y. Manalo (FYM) Foundation, the INC’s charity arm, according to the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA).”

The wording is quite ambiguous here. Do they mean that the buses would be bringing patients from the provinces? Wouldn’t it have been better to send doctors out to the provinces?


There’s a word for this. Regulars at this blog already know what that is.


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