Sunspot Theme

Books being read at the moment: Let the Reader Understand by Dan McCartney.

Music of the hour: The Gregorian Chant version of Scarborough Fair.


I’ve chosen a new look for my blog, and it now carries the Sunspot Theme from WordPress. While scrolling through the list of available themes, two things came to mind: One, there are quite a lot of them, and two, there are not enough of them despite their big number. (By the way, this is not a complaint, neither is it a nitpick. I write it because there are so little from them I can choose, based on my penchant for the color black.

In the end I chose Sunspot. Aside from being mostly black, the layout can be manipulated so that you get either a sroll-down list of articles or the one I chose, which lays out the articles in a grid pattern. I also like the way you could put one set of widgets on one side, and another set on the other side. This means the main articles are right smack in the middle for easy reading. (I hope.)

For those who are thinking that this is a good refreshing break from black, you’re right. Perhaps some of you might be thinking that it’s not colorful enough. You are right as well.




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