Weekend Roundup

Typing while listening to the latest Dividing Line from Dr. James White.

[audio http://aomin.org/podcasts/20131126.mp3]


Nice image, though I wish the bridge weren't so empty of crew members.
The bridge of the USS Enterprise NCC 1701-A. Nice image, though I wish the bridge weren’t so empty of crew members.

Today, Saturday, was a grinding diurnal period for my beloved and me. We were quite fatigued after feasting our eyes on the great presentation that was The Addams Family last night, so our schedule of active exertions did not commence until late in the ante meridiem. The fruit of our labor consists of several volumes of extremely delictible edibles.

In the meantime, yours truly has had some minutes to himself in the afternoon and has spent those minutes browsing the Interweb for golden nuggets of knowledge meant for his improvement.

Here’s the roundup:


Finally, changed my wallpaper with this rather macabre image. I did the edits like zooming in, removing a few skulls below the rock formation, extending the top margin (the original had the bird’s back arch right on the top edge of the picture), but the original image isn’t mine. I also experimented with the Ganzi font. (If it’s your image, please inform me.)

Edgar Allan Poe Wallpaper


That’s it for now.



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