If a Little Intelligence Goes a Long Way…

…then an abundance of intelligence (and cool use of it) certainly goes further. I’m talking about the article posted by famous lawyer Raymond Fortun, his take on the Pacquiao-BIR brouhaha.

Reading the article is like breathing fresh air again after spending time in an abattoir. The original, To Tax the Pacman,  post can be found via Facebook:

https://www.facebook.com/raymond.fortun/posts/10151821602657057 (I’m not sure if you have to sign in first, though.)

A longer post, due to Mr Fortun’s graciously answering some commenters’ queries, can be found here:


I certainly salute Mr Fortun for providing a clear and logical perspective regarding the issue, as well as (apparently) combing through the myriad comments and answering them with all patience, including even the inane ones. I certainly would have thrown all comments out, but that’s just me.

Several observations:

  • I never liked the Pacquiao mania and now I like it even less, if that were possible. Granted he inspires people (and I recognize that he has caused people in Yolanda-ravaged areas to forget their problems even for a little while, which may be of some help) but after the inspiration comes and goes, what then?
    • I know this may sound blasphemous to some people. Live with it.
  • When you remove all the gobbledygook and emotional tantrums (not the least of which came from Pacquiao himself) it all boils down to just one question: Did he or did he not pay his taxes for the time period referenced?
  • People are crying “political harassment” but clearly, Pacquiao himself is doing the politicking and riding on the emotional bandwagon of mental stooges.
  • There was a comparison made between Pacquiao and Lucio Tan, and the comparison (which Pacquiao also alluded to) goes something like, “How come Pacquiao is being targetted when Lucio Tan seems to go Scott free every time his taxes are questioned?” Short answer: Lucio Tan has better lawyers. Longer answer: (and this is not to defend Lucio Tan–he has enough lawyers to do that) Unlike Pacquiao, Tan hires the best people so he won’t have legal problems with the government in general and the BIR in particular.
  • As someone once said, “The Law is harsh but it is the Law.” 

Lesson to be learned: Pay your taxes AND make sure you have all the paperwork. And if you made a mistake in your filing, man up and admit it. Don’t hide behind anybody’s skirts.




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