Random Thoughts this December 23, 2013

Officially, it’s two days before Christmas. There have been so many things going on lately, in the personal sphere, in the social sphere, and everywhere else. With so many things going on, the following thoughts have crept into my head. Some are “Christmassy” in nature, some are just developing musings, but all are rather random, thus the title for this post.

  1. No matter how much we want to believe that Jesus Christ is the “reason for the season,” he never really is. He’s more of an afterthought. Just saying.
  2. In one of my previous posts, I mentioned that I haven’t seen a motorcycle/scooter rider that actually knew the rules of driving and thus posted a danger to themselves and others. I believe that was more than a year ago. Guess what? I still haven’t seen one.
  3. The house smells of cinnamon. Really love those snicker doodles. What is it with Filipinos and karaoke/videoke? Whenever there is a party, there always has to be one of those awful contraptions to ruin your evening. It would be a good thing if the singers were sober and could really sing, but they’re not (mostly) but since they’re not sober, who would have the guts to tell them?
  4. Apropos above, some people really have no right to sing.
  5. Apropos the apropos, my beloved M and I are doomed tonight. We’re doomed to facing a whole night (or until 3 am, or until Christ comes again) of listening to our neighbors doing the karaoke thing. At. Full. Volume. Looks like no sleep tonight.
  6. Apropos the apropos to the apropos…”Natutulog Ba Ang Diyos?” My response for this evening: Bwahahahahaha!
  7. Got a text earlier stating that my wife and I were prayed for this morning. Very much appreciated.
  8. I miss my pets. I miss Highermathematix the most.
  9. Still don’t have a gift for myself. Strange. (See? I was right about No. 1.)
  10. I went to work today (23rd) and I’m required to report on the 26th. (Wala lang. Just thinking.




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