Friday Musings

In a previous post, I rather creatively expressed disappointment with a sermon that I heard. It was very frustrating to sit through the entire message when the speaker said nothing of great significance about the passage he used, and instead merely used the passage as a springboard to talk emotionally about himself. Needless to say, I was not in a very good mood after the message. Not at all.

Friends, I do not claim to be the best preacher in the world. I leave the title to the likes of Spurgeon, Edwards, Lloyd-Jones, and the rest. I do however value the word of God and I absolutely abhor people who would take his word in vain. It is ironic, in my opinion, that we take the command against taking YHWH’s name in vain too seriously, but neglect the fact that many are guilty of emptying God’s word of any meaning in our sermons. For a lot of preachers, the word of God or Scripture is merely an add-on to the message, something to add legitimacy to their mindless and silly ramblings.


Cute...but useless.
Cute…but useless.

I spent the majority of the afternoon updating my notes on New Testament Survey, while at the same time listening to a variety of sermon/discussion MP3s. It didn’t strike me until the middle of my updating that it was already the seventh of February! It was only recently (like yesterday?) when we were worried about the annual smog Philippine new year celebrations bring, as well as the potentially disturbing number of lost digits and/or limbs resulting from our nationally ingrained, pyrotechnically-centered revelry to welcome a new set of three hundred sixty-five days.

So where did the days go? And how come it’s already the closing of the first week of February? Where did the time go? Heck, I even heard one guy on the radio counting down to Christmas 2014!

Forgive me. It is not every day that I muse on time and its passing. It is only now. See, something happened while I was updating my notes. I was adding information on John 1:1 when my mind was suddenly reminded of a bit of news which I heard recently. A church-mate of mine passed away due to cancer. Specifically, primary lung adenocarcinoma, which spread to her brain and liver. This wasn’t an old person–a person who’s led a long life–but rather a young woman who’s a few months younger than I am. It was the re-realization of her death which made me think of the time. A great comfort for her family is that she’s now beyond suffering.

News like this of course makes us wonder all about our life here on earth, and other matters such as, have we lived a full, meaningful life?News of death also makes us think of eternity and where we will be spending it. It is really an eye-opener to realize that not only lying, but death is a great equalizer–everybody lies, so everybody dies–but it’s also a great pride-squasher. We don’t live forever and we start dying the minute we’re conceived.

Back to the calendar: So it is the 7th of February. How much breath do you still have in your lungs? If you’re young you might think that you still have decades and decades left, but don’t be too sure of yourselves. Your life can end as easy as it takes to blow out a birthday candle.

Now do you see why bad sermons irritate me? Preacher, you are given the most wonderful of privileges–to preach the Word! You don’t know how many more days you have to expound the beauty and majesty of Christ, so why waste everybody’s time on useless and silly trivia?


How’s that to fill your weekend thoughts?


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