I’m Taking the Day Off

It’s Friday, and I’ve decided to take the day off. After our school’s Bible and Mission conference (two weeks ago) and a discipleship training (this week), plus the hundred and one other responsibilities that teachers have on their shoulders (What? You think all we do is teach? Shame on you!), I determined that I need a little rest.

And what better way to rest than to fill my mind with all things theological (and a few things that are not). Come “relax” with me, if you will.

  1. Framework or no framework? A little more material to ponder on for the undecided, and something to chew on for those who have.
  2. A critique of Frame. You can also read other articles by R Scott Clark. Well worth your time.
  3. A little bit of Mohler. Or maybe not a little bit. Here are a few: A review of Noah, something from Tolkien, and a gander at Christian missions.
  4. Food for thought from New Zealand, especially for those who get their theology from Facebook.

Here are the non-theological ones:

  1. Ambeth Ocampo talks about furniture from a historical perspective.
  2. This one made me laugh. Another gem from Michael Tan.  (Since the title is “Dwellers/Settlers” I immediately thought it was about informal settlers or “squatters” as we call them. I was wrong.)
  3. For those who like anything [Star] Trek: http://starstation.wordpress.com/2014/04/01/on-viewer/
  4. For those who like cool desktops, here’s a good one.
  5. And finally, why do umbrellas break?

And for your viewing pleasure, a bit of Penn and Teller…




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