Another Example of Silliness

First, read this.

Then read the comment below, given by someone who styles himself after a character from Lewis Carol, but missing an “article.”

“If the essential meaning of rape is sexual intercourse without the free and knowing consent of a woman, is not the story of the Virgin Mary in Christianity similar to a rape? Based on the Gospels, it does not appear that Mary gave her consent to impregnation by the Holy Ghost.

“Maybe rape is not only about sexuality, although is takes place in that sphere of human behavior. Maybe rape is really about the pursuit, and display, of power. Of man over woman. Or, even of God over woman (for God appears to be a male, at least in Christianity). Whatever the case may be, it does seem to involve something in the human psyche which goes back farther in time, perhaps something way back in our evolutionary past. And present day rapists are really devolved humans who ought to be eliminated without delay to remove their raping genes from the human genome. Same thing with plundering politicians.

“Not being a Bishop and a bit mad, I am not sure of this, of course.”

Then try and convince me that the number of fools is slowly dwindling.

PS. Re the linked article, castration is becoming more and more of an deserved punishment for some people.


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