If You are Bored on a Friday…

…take a look at the following [links from the same website]:

    • Blue Iceland. My beloved M wants to go to Japan. So do I when I think about it, rationally. (Better than Korea!) But Japan is not the only place I would like to visit, given the opportunity. Iceland would not be so bad. Maybe I’ll even meet one of these guys.
    • Agates? I like black as a rule but sometimes the right colors in the right combination strikes a chord in me.
    • Sad Zoo Animals. I am not sure whether the animls in the shots were “posed,” but they’re still powerful images.
    • Maps Anyone? Who doesn’t like maps? People who don’t think. Ha!
    • I Just Love Macro, Don’t You? As an amateur photography buff, I really like the way the photographer did these photos. (Green with envy here!)
    • Frogs. I am not usually attracted to frogs (slimy, disgusting creatures!) but Wil Mijer’s photography makes me do a double take.

And more at Bored Panda. (Warning: Some pictures take a little getting used to.)




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