Manic Monday 062714

I see this a lot in a social media site, where they pose a question along the lines of, Which <fill in the blank> Are You. We could be talking X-Men, Star Trek characters, Greek gods and goddesses, the list is (seemingly) endless.

I generally try to ignore such silliness. I have more important things to do with my life, like praying for missions and missionaries. (See below.)


Here is an excerpt on the practical benefits of Christianity vs Islam. The link is to another link, which is an order page for Dispatches from the Front by Tim Keesee. I suggest you read the excerpt.


My beloved M and I took her family out to dinner yesterday, after her dad said he wanted to spend the afternoon visiting a surplus shop in Pasig. I won’t name the surplus shop, but dad says he’s never going back to the place again. I agree. My throat hurt from the dust in that place. Wish we’d gone to the Tempur sale instead. I could have used a new mattress. (Wink)

One saving grace for the afternoon was when we had dinner at Cafe Juanita, along West Capitol Drive in Pasig. My beloved M heard about the place from a friend (or was it a friend of a friend?) and we decided to check it out. The place was still closed when we got there (they open at quarter to six for dinner) but we decided it wasn’t a long wait and just camped outside their front door. Below, I will give a short and informal review of their ambiance and their food.

The ambiance was, in a word, unique. It felt more like a place you would find Madam Auring doing her readings than a place for eating. I think my wife found the place a bit too busy on the eyes, but for some strange reason I found the place relaxing. (My beloved and I have made a habit of what kind of room we would like to have in our house, and I can say I would like something like the pictures above.) The only worry I have is how to clean the whole thing–the place does not lend itself to easy cleaning.

Food-wise, the meal we had was very good. I especially liked the Tw-Way Adobo and the Paella (it had seafood and I generally stay away from seafood). My folks-in-law liked the food as well. (Incidentally, the waiters were very accommodating. The one who served us took the time to explain some of the items on the menu when we asked.

Like I wrote earlier, eating here was the saving grace of the afternoon. Would I go back and would I recommend the place? Most definitely! Or maybe try the Breakfast @ Juanita (same owner) next door.




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