What I Want for Christmas 2015

I initially wanted to title this post, Hey, It Worked Last Time! (Grins.)

Anyway, below are two amazing figures from NECA, the company that seems to never go wrong in producing the most excellent toys and figures.

The first one is Adam West’s Batman from 1966 (Bam! Pow!) and the second is Michael Keaton’s version from 1989. For the record, I “like” West’s version although I find the 60’s more of a caricature than anything else. Keaton’s is my favorite, notwithstanding the rather good take by Bale. I didn’t like Bale’s rather over-the-top, growling voice and his bat-cowls made him look like a doberman with wings.

Keaton is the man…the Batman!

(Did I mention that each figure is eighteen inches tall?)


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