Elections 2016

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I took advantage of our school’s one-day holiday yesterday to have my biometrics completed at the QC COMELEC office. My beloved M wanted me to get the biometrics thing over with, so I wouldn’t have to face any difficulties in the future. It would be crazy to be disqualified if you could have avoided it, right?

One good thing about the exercise, surprisingly, was that it took me under an hour to get everything done. The procedure–getting my “mugshot,” fingerprint scan, and signature scan–took all of two minutes. What added to the experience time-wise were: asking three different people where the COMELEC offices were, looking for and walking to the said offices (I was parked near the main gate and the offices were near the back of City Hall), standing in line for about five minutes (before a nice lady told me I didn’t need to stand in line), picking up ready-to-claim IDs for three of my relatives/acquaintances, and staring at everybody else who were there for the same reason I was.  Did I get my voter’s ID? No. (Umasa ka pa.)

The traffic while going home gave me time to think: Elections are about eight months away. While I believe It’s never too early to consider who to favor in the presidential race, I think it’s too late to hope for somebody else to come along and add their name and agenda to the ring. In short, I still don’t know who to vote for and the current crop of contenders don’t make me want to vote at all.

(In the succeeding paragraphs, names have been changed to protect the innocent, meaning I’m protecting my little innocent self from any possibility of a libel suit.)


I believe JCB’s problem is that he announced his intention for higher office rather early. I even read somewhere that he was already hoping for the presidency the minute he began his term as veep. If he had announced his intention, say, a week after GPL announced hers, he wouldn’t be in the mess that he is in now. Being an early contender meant that he would be a living target for the administration, which certainly would prefer a party member to continue the legacy of the BSA presidency. A late announcement would mean that the enemy (i.e., the current administration) would have less time to prepare attacks against JCB’s person. While I personally do not favor JCB as president, him being saddled with a lot of corruption issues and all that, I have the distinct feeling that [shudder] he may well be our next commander-in-chief. I cannot prove beyond my feelings of course, but, the way things are now, he is it. I don’t think it will be a landslide, but he doesn’t need one. On a positive note, he has administrative experience, something which the office of the president needs but sorely lacks. Just look at the present occupant. On the other hand, we said the same thing about JEE, and look where we ended up. Will a JCB presidency be bad for the nation? At this point the answer ranges from a resounding yes to a quiet maybe.

Like JCB, RRD has administrative experience. But RRD is frightening, period. I began hearing of this man almost two decades ago from a church friend. The stories told of him–his above the law approach to criminals being the main ingredient–would leave you wishing that all government officials were like him. Until you realize that his methods, if true, do not respect human rights at all. I shudder to think, if he could “level up” his methods on a national scale, where would that leave the nation? Mention of RRD reminds me of a discussion I had back in college. The topic was the death penalty and whether or not we should impose it in the Philippines. Everybody, including me, agreed that the death penalty should be re/instated, until we got to the question, “What if it’s your dad who’s being tried for capital punishment?” In RRD, we see a man who seemingly operates above the law. His alleged ways of getting rid of those who thwart the law garner applause from the masses, but I believe the applause is more from a self-righteous attitude than anything else. And what are the guarantees that what he “did” for Davao can be translated into a nationwide achievement? He is the proverbial Lee Kwan Yu wannabe, and from what I’ve seen of the man, RRD has a Messiah complex. But it’s a pakipot kind of Messiah complex. Is he or is he not running? Not that I’m voting for him, anyway.

GPL has recently thrown her hat in the ring, and her decision to run with FJGE has been met with a mixture of reactions. (See this article.)  Admittedly for a lot of people, GP’s advent to the presidential race is seen by many as a breath of fresh air. My only worry about her is her lack of experience. I’ve told my beloved that I would seriously consider GP if she were running for VPoRP intead of PoRP, because in my opinion, she just is not ready for the highest office of the land. And I am not alone in saying that her “Twenty Points” leave a lot to be desired. (See this article.) As for administrative experience, does being the head of the MTRCB count? I know that that was not all she did prior to her senate stay, but… And let’s not even mention her remarks in connection with the INC debacle.

Lastly, MAR (whose initials actually spell his nickname). I’ve already expressed my [ugh] disgust over a possible KMS first lady-ship should MR run, but using that alone as a reason for not voting for the man would be unfair. (Or maybe not, he did choose her, after all.) My continuing reaction to him: Why is he saddled with so many questions as to his accomplishments or lack thereof? I could be wrong here but it doesn’t seem that he accomplished anything while being the head of whatever agency the PoRP puts him in. All I can say at the moment is that, his wife aside, he has the makings of a good man, but not a great man. My dad, who has a quasi-superstitious way of looking at an MR presidency, probably it the nail on the head when he remarked MR has no “star power.” I find it hard to disagree–there just isn’t anything about MR that makes him any more than what he is now.

So who’s left?

“And the people bowed and prayed, to the neon gods they made…”


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